Together Stronger

Cancer Chicks supports, empowers and rehabilitates young women who are navigating cancer and other chronic diseases.

Our Story

When Rikki Stern was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 20, she craved contact with others in her position but could not find community support for women her age.

That inspired her to launch Cancer Chicks. What started as a small online support group became a charity with support services and a thriving community.

Cancer Chicks strongly believe that young women with severe illness need a break from the confinement of their homes and hospitals as well as an opportunity to be re-empowered and feel supported.

Our Mission

To support, empower and enhance the lives of young women affected by cancer, severe chronic and terminal illness through resources, services and community engagement.

What We Do

Cancer Chicks connects young women fighting cancer and other chronic illnesses with access to: